Looking for a fantastic getaway? Consider Palawan!

The Philippine Island is filled with so many beautiful locations. Among the top ones when it comes to tropical getaways – Palawan. This island province in the Philippines is renowned when you want to bask happily under the sun and experience a timeless natural elegance. Over the years, this island paradise became more astonishing and mesmerizing. If there is one thing that makes this island destination truly one of a kind, it’s the fact that it never fails to amaze its visitors. Some of the places in Palawan are so surreal, you wouldn’t believe they’re not just a figment of one’s imagination. Don’t believe me? Here are 5 amazing places in Palawan you must see to believe they exist.

1. The Hidden Beach, El Nido


Hidden Beach in El Nido, Palawan is referred to as a secluded getaway for a reason. This gorgeous coastline is a veiled travel escape, concealed behind two massive rocks. Hidden Beach, true to its name, lies in a serene setting. Beyond the immense limestone gateways, prepare yourself for a captivating beach vista like no other.

2. Snake Island, El Nido


As terrifying as the name might suggest, El Nido’s Snake Island is nothing close to its serpentine name. The island is actually a dazzling sandbar that resembles the long and wavy structure of a snake.

The sandbar is surrounded with crystalline blue green and thick forests on its “end tails”. Not only is this island grabbing attention because of its name, but also because of its unique sandbar formation.

3. Onuk Island, Balabac


Onuk Island in Balabac, Palawan is your stop for a quiet island retreat. If it’s peace and tranquility you’re after, this place is for you. It is referred to as the “undiscovered paradise” in Palawan because there are only few people aware of its existence and beauty. Onuk Island is one of those unspoiled island destinations in Palawan.

4. Twin Beaches of Nacpan & Calitang, El Nido


It’s exciting when we get to have a beautiful beach to ourselves. Make that two amazing beaches, and what more could you ask for.

The Twin Beaches of El Nido, Palawan will give you that exceptional beach experience. The two shorelines are linked together to make this lovely natural attraction. With its interesting location and unique formation, the two coastlines boast their excellent features and relatively peaceful ambience.

5. Helicopter Island, El Nido


Another interesting island destination in Palawan is the famous Helicopter Island. This fascinating, irregularly-shaped island resembles that of a chopper resting on top of the waters, hence the name.

The island does not only possess an amusing outer façade, but showcases a breathtaking setting as well. Fine white sand and crystal clear waters combine to make the place a perfect for underwater adventures.

Palawan has so many great wonders worthy to be explored. Other than these traditional travel spots, the island holds other travel destinations that will leave you at awe. These 5 Palawan locations are just few of the many beautiful and charming places in the island.

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