Best Travel Toiletry Items

Having the right toiletry items when you travel can make all of the difference. Here are the best travel toiletry items that I’ve found and refuse to travel without.

Flat Toiletry Kit: It might not look like it, but this toiletry kit holds a ton of stuff. And because it’s relatively flat, it’s easy to pack. Keep it right on top of your bag for easy access.

Silicone Travel Containers: These are by far my favorite travel containers. They are made of silicone so they are flexible and won’t crack like plastic. They have a wide opening so they are easy to fill, and they are also easy to clean.


Shampoo Sheets: If you don’t want to bring liquids, there are many non-liquid versions of the toiletries you need. Add a little water and these sheets turn into shampoo.  For some other non-liquid ideas, check out this post.


Go Tubbs: These containers are great for packing creams and makeup. The unique design allows you to open them with only one hand. You can also use them to store pills, jewelry, and anything else that is small and easy to lose.



To Go Bags: These little bags are a great way to keep all of your small toiletry items organized. They make it easy to grab just a couple of items and head to the gym, pool, or shower.



Toothbrush Sanitizer: Keep your toothbrush clean with this toothbrush sanitizer. It provides a place for you to store your toothbrush, and sanitizes it to keep away germs.

Quick Dry Towels: For the situations where you need your own towel, but don’t want to carry a damp towel around with you afterwards, these quick dry towels are wonderful. They come in handy for workouts, hostel stays, and drying off on rainy days. And they dry quickly so you can pack them away without worrying about getting the rest of your luggage damp or musty.


Travel Washcloths: Just like quick dry towels, these travel washcloths are very useful. Their small size makes it easy to put them in your pocket. They come in handy for drying off sweat on a hot day, or drying your hands in restrooms that do not supply towels.


Travel Shaver: Rather than carry extra blades, I find it more convenient to bring a compact electric shaver. It is battery operated so you don’t have to worry about bringing another charger.


Travel Mirror: This mirror is lighted so you can use it virtually anywhere. It is also compact (measuring 4 inches diameter) so it is easy to pack and carry.



Collapsible Cup: A collapsible cup might not be something you’d think of when it comes to packing, but it is tremendously handy. It can be used for rinsing after brushing your teeth, mixing medicine (think Alkaseltzer), or just having a drink of water. Because it collapses, it takes up very little space.


Manicure Set: I think a manicure set is a must-have for traveling. It’s easy to forget tiny gadgets like nail clippers, files, scissors, or tweezers. This kit keeps it all in one place so you’ll be prepared for whatever situations you run into.


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