Comfortable Clothes for Traveling

We’ve all been there; surviving long flights, transit delays, hot sticky weather (or cold frigid weather for that matter), and grabbing a wink of sleep wherever you can. It’s all part of the wonder and thrill that is traveling. Set yourself up for success by picking the right clothes for your trip. Believe it or not, it can make a huge difference in how your travels go. Here are some things to consider as you pick out comfortable clothes for traveling.

Think layers.  Layering clothing not only looks cute, but it serves a very important function. Having numerous layers allows you to adapt quickly to different environmental situations. You might be cold on the airplane but sweaty running through the airport. Being able to quickly remove or add a layer ensures you’ll be comfortable no matter what the temperature. Layering also allows you to create many different outfits from a limited wardrobe. You don’t need to look like you wear the same clothes over and over!

Choose the right materials. Stick to materials that are breathable, quick drying, and wrinkle resistant. Clothing that is marketed as athletic apparel often times has wicking fabric that keeps the sweat away. Think yoga clothes made of rayon or spandex. These types of materials are also easy to hand wash and won’t look wrinkly and unprofessional if you air dry them.


Make sure it fits. Opt for clothing that is not too tight or loose. Tight clothing is restrictive and often hinders movement (think sprinting through a concourse). You might think that baggy clothing is the way to go, but realize that might be a problem as well. I can speak from personal experience that it’s hard to keep baggy pants from falling down when running to catch a train. When in doubt, select clothes with drawstrings so you can adjust the waistline.

Bring extra shoes. It can be tempting go light on the shoes when you’re trying to save space and lighten your suitcase. But if your feet aren’t happy, it’s hard for you to be happy! Bring a pair of slip on shoes or flip flops. Something that doesn’t take up a lot of space but will give your feet a break.

You never know what travel is going to throw at you, so the least you can do is wear comfortable clothes for traveling so you’ll be ready to tackle any challenge!

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