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This holiday season, you decided to treat yourself and your entire family to something completely amazing – a family barge cruise in Italy. Bellissimo! Still, planning for such an endeavor can be precarious business, especially when it comes to packing. After all, you don’t want to miss out on the attractions, make your cruise unpleasant, or spend money on something you could have easily brought from home. Luckily for you, we’re here to help you pack for your barge cruise in Italia and turn it into a cherished family adventure you will remember for years to come.

Pack Your Valuables and Keep Them Safe

The two most valuable possessions on your trip to Italy will be your passports and money. Keep them both safe by putting them in a zipped up pocket or, better yet, a money purse. The Euro is the official currency in Italy, and to get the best exchange rates, research the offers both at home and abroad. Additionally, you should always make a photocopy of your passport, and print out emergency information, like your country’s embassy address and phone number, and medical information.


Pack Your Phone

Before you ship off, do some research about the places you are visiting. Pack your phone full of the very best travel apps, but make sure you download maps that can be used offline, as well. Another thing you should consider packing on your smart phone are some kids’ games, since they might find some sights less interesting than you. Additionally, pack a solar charger or an external battery, since you are likely not to see your barge cabin until the evening.

Pack for the Water

Regardless of the date of your cruise, make sure to pack swimwear. Throughout most of the year, the seas around the Italian boot are warm enough to enjoy. This is especially true for Calabria, Campania and Abruzzo in the south, while in the north, there are amazing spa centers and active Roman baths you should try.


Pack Fashionably

Italy is one of the strongholds of high-end fashion, and both men and women go the extra mile when it comes to their appearance. Essentially, the Italians’ pursuit of style extends even to basic everyday activities. If you don’t want to be labeled as unfashionable and “tacky”, your family should bring their best set of clothes, and abide by the rules of the Fashionista’s travel packing list. Still, there are many thieves around the famous tourist sites, so leave your jewelry and valuables on board, or better yet, at home.

Pack Elegant Formal Clothes

Formal attire is a must when traveling to Italy. Companies like Barge Travel Connection offer options of cruising the Venetian canals, and it can’t get much better than having photos from Venice wearing your high style outfit and drinking champagne. Italy is the home of romance, art and opera, so make sure your barge has a day-care service on offer. A performance of Puccini’s “Madame Butterfly”, followed by a romantic gondola ride, and dinner for two on the Grand Canal, is a must for any couple visiting Venice, even when travelling with kids.


Pack Piously

Italy has the most extensive list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world. Since the list contains numerous churches, cathedrals, and other religious places, you should always have clothes that cover your legs and feet. Even during the summer, short skirts and flip flops are not allowed. However, this does not mean you should wear high-heels or a suit when visiting Vatican and the Sistine Chapel. Instead, bring comfortable walking shoes, and jeans or pants that cover your legs.

Get your packing list out and make the final check! Has everyone brought the necessities? Has everyone packed a formal attire? Have the kids put their favorite toys in? Yes? Then you’re all good to go! Get aboard your barge cruise, set a course for an Italian adventure, and have a great time. Buon Viaggio!



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