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Taking a trip to relax, unwind and enrich your life with new experiences? Well, it’s obvious that you have to be well-dressed for the part. Still, it’s safe to say that you don’t need to bring your whole wardrobe with you. Keep on reading and you’ll get the gist of how to pack for your vacation relatively lightly, but still remain fashionable and stylish wherever you go.

Bring the basics

When basics are mentioned, most people think of basic tees only. But, when you’re travelling with fashion in mind, packing the basics means packing all the garments that can be used for great outfit combinations in fairly neutral colours. Black definitely should be your go-to colour in this case. Having a few tops that can be used for layering as well as on their own, black jeans, little black dress and even a black versatile skirt is something that you should consider before anything else. Of course, you don’t need to bring both the skirt and dress if you’re not much of a skirt wearer.


Introduce the colour

Now that you have all the essential, basic pieces sorted out, you can add colour to your packing list. This is the layering part which will always make you look stylish and your outfits well put together. Cardigans, jumpers, scarves, tights and even pullovers can make a significant difference in your general appearance. Make sure to think of different looks that you can pull off with these layering pieces, so that you can save some space and bring with you only those garments that would make your outfit pop on many different occasions.


Necessity of accessories

When it comes to accessories, it’s clear that they are an essential part of all great and fashionable outfits. If it’s cold, make sure to pack hat and gloves that would match your outerwear nicely. Also, jewelry is the key to accessorizing. Now, you don’t want to bring your whole jewelry box with you. Instead, opt for a few statement pieces as well as few dangly, intricate ones. With these, you will have a great choice and ability to mix and match them according to your mood and style. What’s more, one single brooch can make a big change when it comes to your top, so this piece might be something you’d want to think carefully about.


The wonder of footwear

In all honesty, this part of packing essential might be the most difficult when it comes to self-control. Make sure to pick the shoes to travel in that are comfortable, versatile and still look great. If you manage to successfully accomplish this step, you’ll have it a lot easier with the rest of your footwear. In general, stiletto shoes with the heel that you’re used to, as well as some elegant flats would be the best options when it comes to the fashionable look and space-saving in your travel bag.


Other essentials

Apart from clothes and shoes, you shouldn’t forget your beauty and skincare essentials either. In order to save some space and make your luggage lighter, think of getting yourself some travel-size containers or even travel-size packaging of the products that you use, if there are some available. Also, if you’re going to travel with your canine friend, which is definitely a form of fashion statement as well as a fun company to spend your trip with, make sure to have everything that your dog would need in your hand bag. This includes healthy gourmet dog treats, portable water and food bowls, leash, brush and similar. Also, don’t forget to pack your doggy’s beauty essentials, as well.


Your packing list might be finished, but if you want to store everything nicely and safely, you’ll definitely need a top-quality travel bag. There are many unique bags on the market that are both fashionable and sturdy, so if you don’t have one already, make sure to check them out for a stress-free trip.


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