Great Camera Travel Accessories

Half the fun of traveling is taking amazing photographs to look at when you get home. These great camera travel accessories will make your experience even better!

Flexible Tripod: Take your selfies to a whole other level with a flexible tripod. It allows you to take pictures from different angles and uneven ground.

Camera Sling: Wearing your camera in a case hanging off your shoulder can be a security risk. It’s easy for someone to run by and grab it off your shoulder. This camera sling goes across your body so it can’t be easily stolen from you.

Waterproof Pouch: Even if you aren’t planning on doing water sports, there are likely a lot of opportunities for your camera to encounter water. Protect it with a waterproof pouch.

Memory Card Case: Those SD memory cards are so tiny; it can be hard to keep track of them when you’re traveling. This organizer has compartments for all of your cards so you don’t have to worry about losing them.


Camera Float: If you have a waterproof camera, you need a camera float to go with it. A camera float makes your camera buoyant if it falls into the water. This gives you the opportunity to rescue it without testing out your diving skills!

Anti-Theft Strap: Typical camera straps can be cut through; allowing thieves to slice your strap and run off with your expensive camera. Anti-theft straps have metal in them so they cannot be cut through easily. This one also has extra padding for additional comfort on your neck.

Now that you’re prepared, go out and see the world (and take pictures of it of course!) Stop by The Travel Accessory Store to get all your gear before your next big trip!


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