Keeping Fit on a Cruise

If you’re considering an all-inclusive cruise holiday, you might be concerned that the limitless buffets and steady flow of wine will have a serious effect on your waistline.

Not to fear – all the big liners now have a range of fitness features on board, and if you prefer a more DIY approach, there are plenty of on-board exercises you can do as well.

Here are some of the best activities that will be keeping passengers on cruise holidays fit this year.


Fitness Excursions

Company: Thomson Cruises

While many cruise itineraries are based around relaxation and recuperation with stress-free trips to golden beaches and tourist towns, Thomson Cruises offers a range of adventure excursions in collaboration with Star Bikestations.

The Bikestations initiative offers guided bicycle tours throughout a number of the fantastic, beautiful destinations of Thomson Cruises. From Scandinavia to the Mediterranean, these fun tours are a great way to explore new places.


Comprehensive Gyms

Ships: Royal Caribbean’s Freedom, Liberty and Independence of the Seas

The three sister ships from Royal Caribbean’s Freedom class play host to mammoth 9,700 square foot gyms. They have cardio, weight and circuit training machines alongside a Pilates studio and boxing ring. The ships offer passengers a wide range of different fitness classes, adding encouragement to the fitness regime on board. With fully qualified trainers offering support and guidance, passengers can get the most out of the on board features.

Cruise1st offer a selection of exclusive Royal Caribbean cruises on all their largest and best-stocked liners.


Fitness for Daredevils

Ships: Carnival Magic and Breeze

For those who want to spice up their holiday fitness regime, the Carnival Magic and the Carnival Breeze both offer suspended rope courses 150 feet in the air. Passengers are challenged to traverse the course in the sky, perfect for working out the core strength of the body. The course is just a small part of both ships’ SportSquare, a dedicated outdoor recreation area with basketball, soccer and volleyball pitches as well as an eight mile jogging track.


Futuristic Machines

Ships Royal Caribbean’s Freedom and Oasis of the Seas

If you are not content with simple jogging or cycling; Royal Caribbean’s flagship liners come equipped with Star Trek-esque machines. Alongside the traditional fares of their on board gyms, the two ships also play host to 12 Gravity Machines, a Kinesis Wall, Express Bikes and Activio Cycling.


Wild Watersports

Company: Windstar

Windstar’s three cruise ships have additional small sailing boats that passengers can try out during their cruise. There are also kayaks, windsurf boards and inflatable boats available to borrow, as well as snorkelling and water-skiing.


DIY Fitness

Cruise ships are pretty spacious, so there’s really no excuse (apart from a lack of motivation!) not to continue your own exercise regime when on board.

First up, if you have a balcony room overlooking the sea, try yoga, ab crunches, and the like.

If your cruise’s itinerary includes two formal dinner seatings, use the first one to your advantage. Many passengers, particularly those with children, will dine during the first dinner seating, meaning that the pools on board the ship will start to empty about an hour before this time. This makes it possible for you to partake in a few laps of the pool without disruption, really earning that dinner you’ll enjoy on the second seating.

For those hoping to enjoy a less exertive form of exercise, never underestimate the benefit of regular walks around the boat, particularly when you get to enjoy those lovely ocean views!


Do you have any vacation fitness tips that you’d like to share? Tell us about them–we’d love to hear!


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