I was so excited to try out Lewis N. Clark’s new RFID Block Secura commuter bag. I am a die-hard believer in cross body bags, but often find that they look bulky and unstylish. I was excited to see something nicer looking on the market!

The Secura has a sleek design that is very fashionable. The anti-theft features of this purse are quite impressive.

Both zippers attach securely to latches so they cannot be easily opened without your knowledge. I can attest to this, because it can be a bit tricky to undo them, even when you know what you’re doing. I think a thief would be easily scared off by this!



The inside has various pockets and pouches. There is RFID protection built-in to protect your cards from being scanned by radio frequency devices. This makes me feel a bit safer knowing that my information is safe. It also protects hotel room keys, which are all electronically coded. Can you imagine someone getting access to your room by scanning your purse?!









The bag is available in orange and black. My favorite color is orange, so naturally this was a perfect fit for me. But I can also see how black would allow you to blend in a little bit more.



I love that this purse is designed to be worn across your body. It is slim and doesn’t get in the way. And it gives me extra peace of mind knowing that the bag cannot be quickly grabbed off my shoulder. I feel much more secure wearing it across my body.


The purse is a little small for my day-to-day use. Normally I carry my wallet, keys, cell phone, and makeup. With all of this, it can be a tight squeeze. However, when I’m traveling, I tend to carry fewer items and go in and out of my purse much less frequently. So I think this is a great solution.

If you don’t keep the zippers latched, they can make a little noise when the clasp hits against the zipper. This is really a minor annoyance. If anything, it’s a good reminder to latch the zippers shut!

If you’re interested in learning more about Lewis N. Clark’s RFID blocking accessories, find them on their website or on Twitter.

I’d like to thank Lewis N. Clark for sending me the Secura bag to try out. As always, the opinions expressed are 100% my own.


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