Seven Reasons to Travel with Food

If you’re packing for a trip, food might not be at the top of your list.  You have so much to pack, certainly you can just get food on the road right?  While that may be true, there are many reasons why you should definitely bring some food with you.

1) Save money.  Have you priced food at an airport convenience store lately?  Talk about sticker shock.  You can expect costs of 2-4 times normal prices as soon as you step into an airport store.  Those small amounts add up so by bringing food with you, you can same quite a bit of cash.  Likewise if you are visiting a country where food is expensive; you could easily blow your budget on a few meals.  Wouldn’t you rather spend your money on activities or nicer lodging?

2) Accessibility.  You never know what circumstances you’ll find yourself in when traveling.  There might not be food available when the need arises, so having food on hand can come in handy.  Think: you’ve been standing in a line at a bus station for 45 minutes.  You’re going to love than granola bar you stashed in your backpack!  You might also find yourself without cash, or with the wrong currency to buy the food you want.  You just never know!

3) Nutrition.  Sometimes the only food that’s available doesn’t meet your nutritional standards.  You don’t want to have to rely on a diet of vending machine snacks or street food if you don’t have to.  If you have food allergies or medical conditions, bringing food with you is an absolute necessity.  You can’t hinge your health on the ability to find the right foods.

4) Health.  If you’re headed to a country that is not known for its sanitary standards, protect yourself (and your stomach) by bringing some food with you.  Even foods that locals can eat with you no problem may wreak havoc on your system.  Don’t find yourself in a bind where the only foods available to eat are questionable.

5) Pickiness.  If you’re a picky eater, you definitely should bring food with you on your trip.  While it’s worth a try to branch out, there’s no reason to have a miserable trip.  Being hungry your entire trip because you can’t find any food that you’re willing to eat is a sure way to ruin a trip.

6) Sharing.  Even if you don’t need the food you pack, chances are you’re going to encounter other people who do.  Be it a travel buddy, random person at the airport, or needy person on the street corner, you can usually find a home for any food you have.  This is also a good way to share your culture with others by bringing some of your favorite snacks from home.


7) Language Barriers.  Language barriers can make finding food while on the road a difficult task.  Staring at a menu and not understanding what anything is can be fun, but it can also be very frustrating.  If you can’t handle the stress at every meal time, balance this with some of the food you bring with you.

Do you put food on your packing list?  Tell us what your favorite packable food is!  And head over to our store to find all the other things you need before your trip!


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