Keep Your Valuables in Your Bra!

As someone who often stuffs valuables in her bra, when I saw this product I just had to try it! The PocketBra is a patented women’s bra with built-in pockets to keep personal items. It comes in black and pink, has a demi cut, and is made of 90% nylon and 10% spandex.



This bra has four pockets–plenty of space to keep all your valuables when you travel! There are pockets on each side.




There are also larger pockets built-in to each cup. Here you can see the pocket is about 2/3 of the cup itself.




The side pockets are lace on one side. From looking at the bra from the outside, you cannot see the pockets at all!




The pockets were very functional. There was plenty of space to keep credit cards, ID, hotel keys, etc. You could keep bulkier items such as an MP3 player or car keys in there. However, you would want to make sure the bra still appeared smooth from the outside. At some point you would be sacrificing comfort if you put too much in the pockets. I will caution you to remove items before you take it off because they will fall out if the bra tips upside down.

Sizing was a bit of an issue for me. All of my other bras are 38D, so that is what I ordered. I found the cups to be a bit small for my liking. They are a demi cut, so it could just be less coverage than what I was used to. Unfortunately, only sizes 32B-38D are available at the moment. (Larger sizes to come.) The great thing about the PocketBra is that they recognize that bras are a personal thing that can be difficult to buy online. To accommodate, they offer free shipping, free exchanges, and no hassle returns. If the one you buy doesn’t fit just right, you can return it without problem.

Overall, I think the PocketBra is great for anyone who wants to keep their valuables safe when they travel. 34B is their most popular size, with 34C and 36C coming in close behind. For those bigger busted, more sizes will be coming shortly, along with additional colors!

You can find out more about the PocketBra on their website, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or Google+.



**We are thankful to PocketBra for sending us a complimentary sample of this product. As always, the views and opinions expressed in this post are 100% our own.

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