Product Review Vivitar DKS-25 Camera/Laptop Sling

In preparation for my upcoming trip to China, I was on the lookout for a camera sling. I wanted a bag to hold my new DSLR camera as well as enough room to serve as a day pack. The case that came with my camera had just enough room for the camera and a couple of accessories. I wanted something to carry my umbrella, bottled water, maps, etc. as well.

I was specifically looking for a sling instead of a backpack. My main luggage is a hiking backpack so the thought was that if I had a sling I could easily carry both (backpack on my back and sling on my side).

I did a lot of looking around and ultimately settled on the Vivitar DKS-25 Camera and Laptop Sling.

My pictures don’t really do it justice, so here’s a shot of it open with gear inside.

Vivitar7 Vivitar

The bottom compartment has velcro inserts inside so you can create different sized areas as needed. This works well for me because my camera with lens is not as large as some other cameras.


The top compartment has a lot of storage and numerous mesh pouches. There is a handle on top so it’s easy to carry by hand if needed. All of the inserts inside the bag can be removed (including the one between the top and bottom compartments) so you could have just one large compartment if you wanted.

The laptop compartment is on the back and has plenty of space for a large laptop.


This bag can be worn as a backpack, or a sling on either side. It has regular backpack straps that can be easily detached. There is a special insert that you can tuck the unused strap into so it stays out of your way. Since both straps are removable you can wear it as a sling on either the right or left side.

The straps have a lot of padding. And there is also a waist strap for added support.


Perhaps my favorite part about this bag is that the bottom compartment can be accessed from both sides as well. This means no matter which side you wear the bag on, you have quick access to the camera.

Vivitar2 Vivitar4

There are external pouches to hold gear as well. Overall,  I am surprised how much storage there is inside this bag. It also comes with a rain protector to keep your bag dry.


So far, there are only a couple of things I don’t like about the bag.

The side compartments don’t have double zippers. Since there are three ways to access the bottom camera compartment, I would like a way to lock them. I think I’ll be able to position the zippers to lock them to each other, but I’ll need to find a lock with a large latch in order to do this.

I’m also a bit concerned about the size. It’s a lot bigger than I expected (yes, I read the dimensions online!) While I love how much stuff it holds, I’m a little worried that it’s going to be bulky, especially when I’m wearing my hiking backpack as well.

I’ll update everyone again in a few weeks when I’ve given the Vivitar DKS-25 a road test! You can find this and other accessories at The Travel Accessory Store.

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