Save Money With a Personal Water Filter

How much money would you save while traveling  if you didn’t have to pay for bottled water? Check out this guest post from Diane from Wife with Baggage  and find out how she saves big with a personal water filter!


I take clean, fresh water for granted. What about you? If you are like me, a simple turn of a knob starts your shower. The dishwater starts magically with a push of a button and cold water squirts from the fridge. Not to mention drinkable water can be purchased on any street in America. We are lucky here in The States. But what about clean drinking water when traveling overseas?

There are some places where bottled water is not readily available. To be honest, we do not travel that far off of the beaten path. I mean, most of our destinations have small bodegas for Heaven’s sake. For us, the issue with clean drinking water when we travel overseas is the cost. Water is not scarce in most of the places we travel, it is just expensive. The question becomes then “How do you drink water and not break your bank while traveling abroad?”

Our answer: SteriPEN®.

Sterpien Without Lid

This product review might sound like a sales pitch. It is not, I promise. We are not employees of SteriPEN®. We do not own stock in SteriPEN® (but maybe we should) and we are not getting financial compensation for this article (hmm, again, maybe we should!). We are just huge fans of the product.

Sterpien Handheld

SteriPEN® is a handheld water purifier that uses ultraviolet lights to clean clear water. As the instructions and marketing literature tells you, the product cannot clean brown water (eww!). Our rule of thumb is tap water. It is clear and appears clean, but we all know the hazards that are unseen in water. Don’t try to use this with a mud puddle people!

We bought our SteriPEN® over two years ago. Our model, “Adventurer” is no longer available, but I believe they have renamed it the “Traveler.” Appropriate name huh? There are many models available and I am sure you can find one that works for you and your lifestyle needs.

There are lots of sizes, but our SteriPEN® is about the size of a pen; cleverly named, huh? The AA batteries last a long time and are said to clean about 200 half-liter servings of water. We are getting to the point that we should probably pack extra batteries when we travel. I would be upset if we were abroad and had the battery die.

Sterpien Size Reference

Why the anger? Think about it. At (at least) two bucks a pop, bottled water would really eat into our travel budget. I estimate that our Steripen has saved us about $500 so far. That is another plane ticket somewhere! Our SteriPEN® has paid for itself, and then some!

The process to clean your water takes minutes. Simply fill your desired container with clear water and turn on the SteriPEN®. Stir for the prescribed amount of time and voila! Safe drinking water! It really is that easy.

Sterpien and Water

You have heard how the SteriPEN® works, but does it work? The simple answer – yes. The long explanation is this: we’ve traveled in five continents – both in large cities and in the isolated wilderness – and have never gotten sick from water born bacteria or germs. Yes, it works for us.

Diane Williams is the creator and author at Wife with Baggage. The aim of her travel blog is to inspire others to travel, without sacrificing their 9 to5 careers. With her husband, Michael, by her side, they have climbed sand dunes in Namibia, soared through the sky in a hot air balloon, hiked in the Rockies and rappelled waterfalls in Costa Rica. You can read more about their adventures at  You can also follow along on social media.

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