Tips to Avoid Over Packing

There’s an old quote that says when you pack for a trip take half the clothes and twice the money. That’s certainly easier said that done for most people! If you’re going on a trip and need some help minimizing your luggage, these tips to avoid over packing should help.

Choose the Right Clothes: Make sure that all of your clothes match each other. Ideally each of your tops should match each of your bottoms. This allows you the maximum number of outfits without packing too many pieces of clothing. If you’re like me and are at a loss as to what goes with what, check out these capsule wardrobes. The example below from Travel Fashion Girl gives you great ideas of how to mix and match items to maximize your options while minimizing your luggage.


Simplify Your Shoes: Shoes can be heavy and bringing numerous pairs can take up a ton of space in your luggage. Just like the capsule wardrobe principle above, try to do the same with your shoes. Bring shoes that you can wear with numerous outfits–even if they’re not the “perfect” pair you would wear if you were at home. Think about comfort–sure those shoes might be cute, but if your feet ache after you wear them for a short period of time, leave them at home.

Think Travel Sized: Many toiletries that you need can be found in travel size. This is a very simple way to cut down on how much stuff you pack. Leave the full-sized bottles at home or ditch the liquids altogether with these non-liquid alternatives.

Go Shopping: Carefully consider items that you can buy at your destination. This works especially well for consumables such as make-up, sunscreen, and toiletries like shampoo/conditioner. Many hotels offer these items for free, so check ahead to see which items you can leave behind.

Do Laundry: One great way to reduce what you pack is to do laundry while on your trip. I’m usually able to cut  my wardrobe in half by planning on washing clothes. If you’re new to doing laundry when traveling, here are some tips for you.

My last bit of advice is to think before you pack. Rarely have I ever gone on a trip and used everything I brought with me. Unless you can think of numerous occasions where you’ll need a certain item, leave it at home. Chances are you will be just fine without it.

What advice do you have to avoid over-packing? Tell us about it!


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