Top Travel Accessories for Safe Travel

Safety is likely on your list of concerns about traveling. If you’re traveling solo, it could be #1 on your list. Here are some handy accessories to help ensure your safety when you travel.

Money Belt: Put your valuables in this thin belt and then tuck it beneath your clothes. It is a discrete way to carry cash without making yourself a target for thieves. Be sure to dig into it in private so people don’t know that’s where you are carrying your valuables.




 Cut Proof Camera Strap: If you’re like me, your camera is your most expensive piece of travel gear. Protect it with an anti-theft strap. This strap has a piece of metal running through it so it can’t be cut through. This prevents someone from slicing through your strap and running off with your camera.


AntiTheft Camera Strap



Door Alarm: This door alarm will give you extra peace of mind when you are staying in an unfamiliar place. Just put it under the door and a loud noise will alarm if someone tries to open the door.




Bra Stash: A bra stash is another unique way to conceal your valuables. This small pouch attaches to your bra and is a great place to keep your room key or a little emergency cash.




Lockdown Cable Lock: This is a great way to secure your belongings to a stationary object. Use one cable to attach the lock to a pole and then use the other to lock your bag to the lock. These are great for securing your bag to a bed post, stroller to a park bench, or your purse to a table leg. It makes it much harder for someone to walk by and grab your stuff.


Cable Lock



Luggage Locks: Combination locks are a great alternative to traditional keyed locks. You don’t have to keep track of the key and risk losing it. And it is harder for a thief to pick a lock that doesn’t have a key hole.




RFID Protection Wallet: Radio frequency devices can be used to scan your information from credit cards and passports without you ever knowing. Thieves can extract this data just by standing near you and you may be none the wiser. Having an RFID protection wallet is and important anti-theft tool for travel. A radio frequency device cannot scan through this specialized material–protecting your information inside.



RFID Protection Sleeves: If you don’t want to carry an RFID wallet, you can achieve the same level of safety by using sleeves. They are sized specifically for your credit cards and passport.


RFID Sleeves


ID Bracelets: If you’re traveling with children, these bracelets can come in really handy. Just write your personal details on it and if your child becomes lost you can be reached immediately.



First Aid Kit: Having a first aid kit is a must for any trip. You never know when something is going to happen and it is best to be prepared.



Emergency Whistle: Having an emergency whistle on a necklace is a great way to draw attention to yourself if you need help. It can also help scare off animals or alert someone to your location if you are lost in a remote area.



Cross-Body Bag: Nothing invites thieves more than a purse hanging off your shoulder. Keep your stuff in a cross body bag (and wear it across your body.) A regular purse is easy to snatch when someone walks by. By wearing it across your body, it makes it that much more unattractive to thieves.


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