Fly Through Security with TSA Approved Toiletry Containers

Having the right travel containers can really help you breeze through security. As regulations in the airline industry tighten, it has made finding the right approved travel containers even more important. Before you buy new toiletry containers, become acquainted with the current TSA regulations.

According to the TSA each passenger is allowed:

  • One-quart zip-top bag
  • Containing 3.4 ounce (100ml) bottles or less (by volume)

Considering these regulations, there are a few ways you can go about finding the right TSA approved travel containers for your trip.

Buy small pre-filled TSA approved containers

  • Inexpensive – many quality brands come in sample size for right around $1 each
  • Can be inflexible – you might not be able to find your favorite brands
  • Hard to refill – many of these containers have tiny openings making them difficult to reuse

Buy empty travel containers

  • Flexible – fill with your desired product
  • Reusable -many of these containers are designed to be easy to reuse with large openings and easy to clean materials
  • Expensive – some TSA approved travel containers can be expensive

If you decide to go with purchasing empty containers, think about what they should be made out of. Cheap plastic containers can be prone to cracking. Silicone or rubber containers, while slightly more costly, can be much more durable.

Here are some great options:

  • Choose from 4 sets of reusable, travel size tube bottles in different sizes.
  • Made with durable, food quality (FDA approved) silicone. BPA Free and non-toxic. 100 % safe!
  • Features a leak-proof, flip top, covered spout. Unscrews to let you fill up through the wide mouth.
  • Comes with clear, zippered toiletry bag. Bag and bottles are both TSA approved for airline travel.
  • Bottles include strong suction cup for hands-free use. Fill with shampoo, lotions, body wash, etc.


  • Conforms with TSA guidelines
  • Ideal for shampoos, conditioners, hairspray, lotions, creams, etc.
  • Set includes: two 2-oz. bottles, two 1-oz. bottles, one 1-oz. spray bottle, one 1/2-oz. bottle, two 1/2-oz. jars, two 1/4-oz. jars, two 1/8-oz. jars, one 1-quart zip-lock pouch


  • Silicone travel containers
  • Leak proof closure
  • Wide opening for filling and cleaning
  • Dishwasher Safe



  • Silicone
  • 1″ high
  • 3″ wide
  • The civilized, smart, squeezable tube for anyone on the go
  • Made from soft, squeezable silicone
  • Large opening for filling


  • Meets TSA carry on regulations of 3 oz bottles in a quart size bag
  • Contains 4 three ounce plastic bottles for packing and organizing shampoo, lotions, and other travel essentials
  • Zip seal closure top provides easy access to contents



Whatever the type, make sure that they abide by the 3.4 ounce rule and are placed in a clear quart size zip-top bag. If you follow these rules regarding TSA approved travel containers, you should be through security in no time!

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