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When we were asked if we would write a guest post for http://thetravelaccessorystore.com/ we immediately thought of what we wanted to write about. We read lots of posts about how to travel light and how to pack as a backpacker, but do we have to pack like that all the time? No! As a part time traveler we go home between the trips and can re-pack before our next trip. That’s the luxury of being part time travelers.

Over the time we got some experience with packing. At first when we started to travel we brought with us a lot, and I mean A LOT! Even on weekend trips we brought a full suitcase.

Now we look at what kind of trip we are going on, and write our packing list based on how we’re traveling. If we’re moving from place to place we have to pack lighter than usual. You don’t want to have a heavy backpack on your back when you have to walk around a lot with your baggage. And you do not need that much clothes – You’re on your way, and you don’t need a different outfit every day (Pick out a few items you can mix and match with each other).

But why pack light when we’re staying weeks at the same hotel for the whole trip? You don’t even have to carry you baggage more than in and out of the airport.

We were on a luxury vacation in 2012 at a five star hotel in Mexico, with 6 different restaurants. When you’re in a place like that you want to look nice, you want to dress appropriately, and you don’t want to be seen in your same clothes day after day after day. But if you only think like this you will be traveling overweight, and that’s something we want to avoid.

At first you have to plan your wardrobe:  Pack clothing items you can mix and match to get some great outfits (don’t pick out an item that only matches one other).

You will be wearing your swimwear a lot, and it’s always possible to wash clothes by hands (dry cleaning is often expensive). We bring clothes for the daytime that are easy to wash in a sink (so bring a universal plug J ), and the same with underwear – it’s so easy to wash! We choose a pair of shoes that are suitable for use in the evening when we go out to eat, one pair of sandals and a pair good walking shoes.

We also plan what to wear when we’re on our way to the destination. Put on your walking shoes and bring an applicable jacket. You can make it with only the pants you are traveling in (as a man you probably need a nice pants for evening use).
You want to save some weight so you have at least a couple kilos left over for souvenirs and other things you can find to buy. So, if you are packing something you think you maybe will wear, it’s better to leave it at home!

It’s always about the weight, but on lots of trips we only have to deal with weight limit for the airline.

One day maybe we’ll go on a RTW trip, and of course we have to think more different then. But that “problem” we’ll handle when the time comes.

Would like to end the post with some tips we want to share with you:

  • When you’re packing it’s a good idea to divide the clothes between different suitcases/backpacks if you’re not traveling alone. If your luggage doesn’t arrive at the destination, you will still have clean clothes available right away!
  • As carry on we use a small backpack we can bring with us to the beach, on daytrips, tours etc.
  • On weekend trips try to get by with only your carry-on. You will save time at the airport – time you can rather use to explore the destination.

When we travel, we take literally hundreds of pictures. We came across some great card holders on eBay. Really smart for us, since we bring several memory cards on adventures. We rotate memory cards regularly in case something goes wrong with one, then we wouldn’t lose all the pictures from e.g. “those three days”.


Travel Organizer is handy to gather important documents like passports, money (different currency), back-up credit card, tickets etc. Here we also store an usb flash drive with copies of important documents (as passport, credit card, insurance paper, hotel voucher etc.). In this way all your valuables stays collected.


  • And when we’re mention important documents… We also have the important documents stored on our phone and on e-mail.
  • A money belt is a smart safety measure. If you should be unlucky to lose your wallet or get robbed you have some back-up money, e.g. 50 € / $ 50.


  •  A wire lock is a good idea for locking the backpack to e.g. the beach bed. This makes it a little harder to steal your backpack while sunbathing or swimming. We also have small locks on the zippers.


 Hope you enjoyed this post, and picked up something you can use on your next adventure!


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